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content managed websiteThere are a lot of systems out there from big sites like Word Press and alot of the hosting companies. Trying to be all things to all people has never really worked, so we don't.

Over the years we have developed a customizable content management system which will give you everything you want and nothing that you don't need. In this case, less is more. What's more it can run more than one website and more than one application.

Our content management system puts you in the driving seat. Your website can be up and running within weeks even days and with no large outlay. From thereon in you're in charge, but not on your own, we're always available for help. A simple to use system gives you full control over your website and keeping things up to date. In the interests of keeping things simple - so is the cost. Initial set up fees start for as little as $1000, then a monthly fee of $50-100 per month so you know exactly where your overheads are at.

putting you in control : with personal support on hand

The user friendly interface CMS (content management system) and a word processing type text entry facility allows huge flexibility to best display your product ranges and services. Customer liaison is maximised with product launch facilities to notify your customer base at the click of a button available from newsletter subscription functions. Website administrators are able to leverage their ability to manage their website. This product is a comprehensive website content management system, conceived, designed and developed over the years to offer reliability and flexibility, providing all the features you are most likely to require within a user friendly environment. It has been designed to be modular, thereby enabling its advanced set of content management functionality to be augmented by integrating other, more specialised features such as those required for e-commerce.